Let Your Light Shine Before Men- Canon ADP Selwyn Okai


Members of the Anglican Young People Association (AYPA) Internal Province of Ghana (IpG), at the 18th biennial national delegates conference held in Accra at the valley view university, Oyibi from the 4th -7th August 2022 charged to be the light of the world.

Guest speaker for the conference, Chaplin General of the Ghana Prisons Service, Rev. Canon ADP Selwyn Adama Okai on the theme: Projecting the image of Christ to enhance church growth: the role of the AYPA.

In his address, shared an experience when he had gone to the Nsawam prisons to administer communion to about four thousand inmates. He mentioned that โ€œthere was no server to assist and there appear two inmates. One said he was a server in the Anglican church, even in prisons there are Anglicans. I look at these young people gathered in my presence for worship and other things. My heart goes out to them. Productive age languishing behind bars. I feel I have failed; the church has failed because a lot more is coming.โ€

Today, our priest sits openly with the congregants and drinks anything they want. There are friends and there are friends. To sit in public with bottles, you are preaching a message because you are telling them they can drink anything anywhere. He said.

Canon ADP Okai charged members of the AYPA to let their light shine before men so that they may see their good works and glorify their father who is in heaven. He asked them to rescue the perishing, care for the dying, snatch them with pity, and Jesus the mighty to save. Many young people who are lost in the world of darkness need the church. Members of the AYPA are in the light of Christ, therefore they must go out and tell them it is well with their souls.

The chairperson of the conference, Mr C.K. Bruce, advised the youth to strategize and reorient themselves to be useful and clear in their objectives in our present world. Yes, there has been quite a lot of change from when I was a youth and now, a lot has changed.

โ€œI feel the youth need to reorient how they see the world as it is and make themselves impactful, effective in their current era in which we live.โ€

The Association holds a delegatesโ€™ conference once every two (2) years represented by not over two delegates and observers, as required. The National Delegates Conference elects the National Executive Council for ensuring two (2) years, receive the reports and audited financial statements of the council for the preceding biennial period. Consider matters affecting the interest of the Association, Church, and the Nation.

Other presents at the opening ceremony were representatives of Hon. Alan Kyeremateng and Guild leaders.ย 

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