AYPA-ADC Initiates Health Walk and Evangelism Drive Christened “RAZZMATAZZ”


In an effort to promote holistic well-being and community engagement, the Anglican Young People’s Association (AYPA), Accra Diocesan Council (ADC), over the weekend organized a health walk with an evangelism drive: creating a unique blend of physical activity and community outreach.


The health walk and evangelism drive were the integral components of series of events organized to kick-start the commemoration of Bishop Aruna Kojo Nelson’s Celebration being the esteemed founder of the Association.

Participants engaged in the health walk and evangelism drive not only as a means of physical and spiritual well-being, but a collective tribute to the visionary leader whose contributions have shaped the essence of the Association.

Christened “RAZZMATAZZ”, this initiative witnessed members of the Youth Ministry within the Diocese embarking on invigorating walks from the Cathedral church of the Most Holy Trinity along the principal streets of Accra through to St. Barnabas Anglican Church, OSU.

The event aimed at infusing a sense of excitement and energy into the activities of the Youth Ministry, while fostering a spirit of fellowship among its members.

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